waterjet cutting

waterjet cutting channels water through a high pressure pump, which is then focused through an orifice in a cutting head at 87,000 psi, reaching supersonic speeds. this stream cuts through any material up to 150mm thick, including wood, and plastics. cutting performance can be further increased by adding an abrasive to the stream to handle metals, stone, glass and ceramics.

dynamic xd

our flow waterjet employs a patented dynamic xd cutting head, wich allows cutting angles up to 60°, making it an ideal tool for chamfers, mitres, fillet weld preparation as well as nested three dimensional sheet layouts. this exclusive technology is a revolutionary waterjet advancement facilitating accuracy, speed, and flexibility in complex 3d parts. its articulated wrist allows the cutting head to tilt in any direction, compensating for waterjet stream imperfections using complex mathematical models. the xd head automatically compensates for stream lag and taper, natural occurrences of the waterjet process. in all, this allows us to deliver parts with higher precision and tighter tolerances in less time.


all our equipment is powered by renewable energy
we use untreated sand for abrasive cutting
the jet cutting process is free of harmful toxins
waterjet cutting offers the maximum energy consumption/cutting ratio

all components of waterjet technology are 100% recyclable.

technical specs:

work envelope: 4000 x 2000 x 150mm
accuracy: ± 0,05mm
cutting angle: 60°
tool radius: 0,4 / 0,5 / 0,6mm
materials: metals, stone, glass, ceramics, wood, plastics, composites
data exchange formats: dxf / dwg / 3dm / sdoc / step / sat